Magnetically attract your client through the power of brand clarity. The Archetype Method has its foundation in psychology utilizing the four major drivers of human behavior.


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Client Testimonials

Tobey Ann Terry, from Santa Monica California

Sorana Pascariu, from Tulum Mexico

Moirar M Leveille, from Nantucket, Massachusetts

"I resonated with my Archetype, and I recognize how powerful this process is to help me find my voice and speak to my tribe!

Yamilca's Brand Archetype process has given me the ability to cut through the noise and speak to the people attracted to who I am and my service offerings."

"Yamilca's talents shine, creating a new brand for my business that resonates with my style while designed to attract my Archetype clients with its simplicity, sophistication and elegance." 

Brenda Hooper

Owner and Founder of Discussions by Design, from Greater Vancouver Metropolitan Area

Discovering the Archetype Method has revolutionized the way I think & communicate when it comes to my business and brand. 

It has helped narrow-down my audience so I save time & energy for those who are the right archetypes that are attracted to my brand and offerings.

The Archetype Method is so powerful that I am able to effectively craft qualifying questions so I know exactly who I am speaking to during scheduled consultations, which provides a higher close rate in sales.

Jodi Vetterl

Personal Coach, from Vancouver, British Columbia

Hi my name is Tam Luc and I am the founder of Women With Vision international. I help women build their businesses from their message using a unique book messaging strategy. 

I’m so excited to give this testimony to Yamilca Rodriguez as she has been a part of my Women Who BossUp program and then I became one of her clients in her brand archetype method. What are the reasons I decided to work with her is because I understand the importance of identifying your avatar. I work in that area a little but I don’t go nearly as deep as Yamilca does because she has so much extended knowledge and experience in this topic.

I was completely blown away by what she was able to share with me. He gave me a new way to look at my super fan. It also has informed my brand, content writing and emails. I highly recommend you working with her. You will see immediate benefits.

Tam Luc

Founder of Women With Vision international

We were amazed at the session – So excited! And life changing for our company! My team and I left our first session feeling motivated, focused and having a clear direction of where the brand is going. 

Yamilca guides with ease that has expertise and understanding underlying. We learned aspects of ourselves and the company that we never knew and Yamilca helped align the team to a common vision and language. Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended to any business seeking brand consulting!!!!

Vincent Cheng

Owner and Founder of Vincent Cheng Enterprises, from Toronto, Canada

Working with Yamilca on my personal brand was not only delightful, but eye opening.Using her Archetype method not only did we dial my branding in based on my personality, but using that to attract my superfan! 

Steph Shinabery

Business Consultant, from Fayetteville, Arkansas

As a branding photographer, I frequently work with entrepreneurs who are juggling all aspects of their business. The Brand Archetype program with Yamilca Rodriguez provides the ultimate roadmap for both beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs. Paired with the Archetype Deck, it’s the perfect way to narrow down the scope of what we want our client’s to see, feel and experience with our brands.

The Brand Archetype program is streamlined and extremely easy to follow. The model was the perfect fit for all of my messaging! Once my business archetype was identified I was able to define my mission statement and create a cohesive vision including the look and feel of my branding across all social media, website and physical marketing materials. I had so many “ah-ha” moments I lost count!

Jama Finney

Branding Photographer

There are fewer things more important in business than really knowing your brand identity and details about your ideal target client. It can be a time-consuming and elusive process.Fortunately, using The Archetype Method cuts through a lot of the noise to get to the heart of both of these critical issues for your business. I am a first-time author, who is at the beginning stages of developing my brand. 

Using the Archetype Method helped me clarify my brand’s identity, including its motivation, look and inspirations. It also helped me hone in on the type of client who will be attracted to my products and services, and what kind of message and value I’ll need to bring to that client to best connect with them and meet their needs. To have this resource in the developmental phase of my brand and my book has been invaluable for me to make sure my message resonates with my target audience.

I highly recommend the Archetype Method to anyone looking to better attract and connect with their ideal client and grow their business!

Sandra Tremper O’Brien

Author, from San Diego, California


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