Magnetically attract your client through the power of brand clarity. The Archetype Method has its foundation in psychology utilizing the four major drivers of human behavior.


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Brand Superpowers

What is the best way to use this Course?

When building a following, a brand personality is a valuable resource for your target audience to get excited about. Typically, brand personalities are what your brand stands for. Clients who enjoy your brand will want more, so are more likely to enroll in a bigger or more expensive course later on.

The Power of Branding focuses on your Ideal Target and how to craft a compelling offer that magnetically attracts your ideal target.

Other reasons why this course is valuable:

  • If you are a coach being able to delight and create an experience for your client and answers to their problems

  • Deliver your story with a strong magnetic presence

  • Understanding your clients needs and desires

  • Simple and easy to grasp and be able to teach others the concept

  • Understanding the science and psychology of human behaviour

  • The Power of Branding Course

    This Nine Lesson Course will help you create your brand personality and build your audience. This course introduces brand archetypes that help you attract the right clients interested in your offer.

    A brand personality is a valuable resource to build your business in a strategic and meaningful way. Typically, brand personalities are what your brand stands for. Clients who enjoy your brand will want more, so they are more likely to enroll in a more extensive or more expensive offer later on.



    What's in this course....

    Module -1 Know Who You Are - Your Unique Brand Personality

    You will learn how human drivers and characteristics are associated with your brand's unique personality in the mind of your Superfan.

  • How do you show up in the world?

  • What is your Celebrity Archetype?

  • Brand Values

  • What's in this course....

    Module 2 - The Power to Deeply Connect with your Superfan


         You will know who you magnetically attract, your unique personality, and what               your Superfan desires.

  • Opposites Attract

  • Connecting Deeply with the Superfan

  • Message and Niche Clarity

  • What's in this course....

    Module 3 - Message and Niche Clarity 


         You will learn the message that addresses the critical Superfan's problems                         by stating why the Superfan should care about your products, programs, or                       services.

  • Define Message Style

  • Build Tension & Get Quality Leads

  • Express a differentiated promised

  • BONUS!

    The strategy that will maximize your Superfan's relevancy and distinctiveness in maximizing brand value.

  • Book your 30min Live Archetype Assessment Call

  • Archetype Cards PDF

  • Two-page Customized Archetype Report

  • Your business is your legacy. How you communicate with your audience is the strategy to achieve long term success.



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    Clients Who Did It

    "I resonated with my Archetype, and I recognize how powerful this process is to help me find my voice and speak to my tribe!"

    Brenda Hooper

    "It has helped narrow-down my audience so I save time & energy for those who are the right archetypes that are attracted to my brand and offerings."

    Jodi Vetterl


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